Spring Nail Inspo

Last night I was in the black hole that is Pinterest looking at nail inspo for my next appointment, and I found myself on almost the same sort of page every time. Someone had made a page on their blog with their favourite nail images for the season or case.

And I thought to myself, “why don’t I create a post like this?? ” I love scrolling through pretty pictures, and I love blog posts with cute pictures in general (I hate scrolling through paragraphs to find the recipe. Why do they do that) (I hate scrolling through sections to find the recipe. Why do they do that). I don’t know what has taken me so long to realize this, but it’s about time I built my inspo nail board! Here’s all of the spring nail inspo that I pinned last night:

I love natural nails. Almond shape is my preference, and anything with nude has my vote. Here’s my favourite takes on a classic, natural-looking nail with a splash of spring:

Spring nail inspo 1

Spring nail inspo 2

Spring nail inspo 3

Spring nail inspo 4

Spring nail inspo 5

Spring nail inspo 6

Spring nail inspo 7

Spring nail inspo 8

Spring nail inspo 9

source : https://www.chocolateismyvice.com/spring-nail-inspo-2020/

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