Easy Ways of Updating Your Bedroom

We’re talking about how to give your bedroom decor an instant refresh on a budget today at Design School Sunday! There’s no need to break the bank to get a trendy space because this is something you can do on the weekend or less. These are my favorite ways to upgrade your bedroom!

I love contemporary wallpaper! And now, more than ever, you will find several businesses that offer a simple method of peeling and sticking. For the floor and kitchen backsplash, you can also find some! Also, if you have a rental bedroom, you can still enjoy, without the commitment, the lovely, stylish looks that an elegant wallpaper gives to space. There’s one for every theme, color, or taste, plus you can install it so quickly that you can DIY (do it yourself) and make this a fun upgrade project for the weekend. You decide where you want to be the main focus of the room, where all the eyes, and more importantly yours, will be drawn and add some wallpaper there, for a chic bedroom full of personality. It’s great for small or large accent walls.

2. PILLOWS Throw
Without the throw pillows, is the room complete? They will add to your bedroom comfort, texture, and warmth, making it feel welcoming, soothing, completing your sanctuary. Changing a few pillows is so simple, and they will make a massive difference once you refresh them. After a long day, a bedroom is where you decompress and start fresh the next day, making it an attractive one. Consider what pillow combination would fit best, one that also adjusts to your lifestyle, depending on your bed and the layout of the rest of the bedroom.

Since we’re talking about your bedroom, we need to pay enough attention to your bed, and you need to consider adding the right layers to your bed, too, with a beautiful comforter. Bed skirt, fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter, or quilt (in warmer weather or seasons, I prefer a quilt) and finish the look with a few throws!

I’m never going to get tired of debating introducing plants to your lifestyle. When I got my first plant boy, I still remember it was the Fiddle Leaf Tree, and I called him Leopoldo, and he didn’t die! And as I write this, I’m looking at him; he’s grown so big and safe, so after I’ve managed to keep one alive, more have begun to come, so now I have a 15-20 collection? Possibly? I lost count, and this spring, I am spreading some, meaning more plant babies are on their way.

5. RUGS Oh
The power or a lovely rug nicely put under the bed, or small areas around the bedroom, are overlooked by some people.

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