Summer Nail Art Ideas to give you that invincible shine and confidence

Summer nail art ideas to give you that invincible shine and confidence 5

Summer Nail Art Ideas to give you that invincible shine and confidence Bright colors are the highlight of summer nail art. In reality, it is the vivid colors that make summer so much more enjoyable. I’m sure you’ve arranged an exciting summer break, or you’ve got some parties planned. This set of cute summer nail designs has it all. I’m sure you’ll find something that suits you perfectly for this summer, from palm treenails to beach nails to bright coffin nails to inspirational acrylic nails. These summer nail designs have been hand-picked with great care and attention to detail so… Continue Reading

Trending Summer Nails for This Summer

Trending summer nails for this summer 4

Happy First Day of Summer and Happy Saturday! Last month, I shared with you the top summer nail colors that are currently trending. I haven’t been able to resist painting and to repaint my nails a new summer shade since then (or a combination of a few summer shades). If you saw my most recent Friday Favorites, I showed you some major summer nail inspo that I discovered on Pinterest and have been obsessed with (and copying). You’ve got to love Pinterest because it’s always full of the best ideas for practically everything! Today I’m going to show you some… Continue Reading

Marble Nails Design Ideas

Marble nails design ideas 1

I’ll be frank and tell you that I can be a little dull when it comes to nails. I am all for neutral colors and almost have a heart attack on the odd occasion that I walk on the wild side and get red or burgundy. I know most of you rolled your eyes, but this is my reality. Anyway, I am not always in the loop when it comes to nail patterns. However, as soon as I saw this latest nail trend, I knew I would try it! The new thing is marble nails. Yes, the marble. As in… Continue Reading