Cute French Tip Nails That Put A Modern Twist On The Classic

Cute french tip nails that put a modern twist on the classic 7

Cute French Tip Nails That Put A Modern Twist On The Classic Are you looking for cute French tip nails to bring a modern twist to a classic French manicure? If so, keep on reading to discover new and colorful ideas for your next nail collection! French tip nails are a shocking pattern that at the same time makes perfect sense. After all, staples, just like clothes, are one of the ways that we convey our personalities and inject a little color into our lives. With the emergence of more and more colors being used in nail designs in the… Continue Reading


Winter Nails 2021

Winter nails 2021 4

Winter Nails 2021 If nothing, 2021 gave all of us time to cool down and not think about our appearance. However, for some of us, self-maintenance and outer appearance explicitly influence our mood and productivity. For this reason, taking care of it is so fun. As the world gets used to a new standard, we slowly start to slip back into our previous maintenance habits, including our nails. If you’re looking for inspiration for your winter nails, you’re at the right spot. Below you’ll find winter-inspired nail designs to present your nail tech on your next appointment. source : https://www.cluelesswho.com/lifestyle/winter-nails-2021-18-nail-designs-for-january/


Orange and Black Nail Designs You Can Wear All Season

Orange and black nail designs you can wear all season 1

Orange and Black Nail Designs You Can Wear All Season Hello, fall! If you embrace this new season with autumnal nails (think pumpkins, leaves, and sparkles galore) or go all-out in your Halloween costume or not, you can get in the spooky spirit with a manicure painted in the age-old classic Halloween colors: orange and black. We’re willing to bet you’ll be able to create all of these looks yourself—if not, take them to your favorite nail artist. Either way, don’t forget to take a picture for the ‘gram. Adorning your nails with vibrant colors and shapes deserves so many… Continue Reading


Trendy Spring Nails and Colors For 2021

Trendy spring nails and colors for 2021 6

Spring is almost here! I’m ready in practically every way, from my wardrobe to my home decor. For me, spring is a season of rebirth. I like to start fresh and integrate happy, clean colors into my life. This, of course, includes my nail colors! Even though pastels are “in” every spring, I find that particular spring patterns change so much. I’ve loaded up on the hottest spring nail colors and couldn’t be more excited to try them. Some of the on-trend colors this season are so amazing! I still love how spring nail colors are gentle and sweet yet… Continue Reading


How To Do Dip Nails: A Master Guide To Dip Nails

How to do dip nails a master guide to dip nails 5

A few years ago, everybody I met had gel nails. Nowadays, dip nails are what’s in. There are so many beautiful things about dip nails than gel nails, and the price is equivalent. I get dip nails now, but it took me a while to find out exactly what I wanted. Since I’m such a big enthusiast of dip nails and have seen my nails finally develop by having daily dip manicures, I decided to write this post with every bit of knowledge I have found about dip nails. I included info about dip nails in the new few pages,… Continue Reading


Nail Art Designs for Summer That Aren’t Tacky

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I know that I can speak for all of us when I say that the Summer of 2021 will be one that we will never forget. While many challenges have come with this season, I think we can all walk away from it with a new appreciation for activities and simple pleasures that, in hindsight, we have taken for granted. Self-care is more important now than ever, and with many nail salons and spas opening their doors again, we can feel good about helping these small businesses (safely) while indulging in some much-needed pampering. While this Summer may look a… Continue Reading


Best Trendy Blue Nail Designs To Copy This Summer

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Best Trendy Blue Nail Designs To Copy This Summer Along with colorful nail arts and neon nail polish, blue nail designs are craved by young women these scorching summer days. You know why? They transmit the wind of the sea. It’s a great yet affordable way to get into the summer spirit. Some of the blue nail arts are even easy to do at home. You will get more fun if doing this with a bunch of your friends. Doing pretty little things for our nails is such an enjoyable process. Just see how your nails shine after that. We’ve… Continue Reading


Funky Nail Trends To Try Out

Funky nail trends to try out 10

Nail trends are getting crazier and bolder by the day. We went from just a few choices when going to the nail salon or having a mani-pedi day at home to having countless options for our nails. Often there are looks you think you have to pay a lot for at the nail salon, but in fact, it can be easily accomplished at home! These funky nail trends can be done either at home, with the aid of friends, or at the nail salon! 1. Half And Half If you can’t settle on a nail polish color, don’t worry, you… Continue Reading


Nail Art Ideas to Inspire Your Fall Manicures

Nail art ideas to inspire your fall manicures 6

Nail Art Ideas to Inspire Your Fall Manicures As the leaves are shifting, so are our manicures. Our Insta feeds have been full of nothing but playful takes on french manicures, inventive uses of negative space, and metallic accents — and there also have even been a few strong neutrals trending. If you’re returning to your local nail salon after they’ve reopened post-quarantine or you’re starting to DIY your manicures at home, these fall nail art designs cover all ability levels. source : https://www.majormag.in/fall-nail-art-ideas/


Manicure Ideas To Complement Different Types Of Engagement Rings

Manicure ideas to complement different types of engagement rings 9

Manicure Ideas To Complement Different Types Of Engagement Rings Proposals and marriages aren’t often a total surprise. Many a time, they happen after we’ve considered and decided to get married. So, in such cases, it’s always fun to get imaginative and prepare our nails for the moment a diamond ring is slipped onto our fingers. To do that, we have found some manicure ideas for you to try at home, whether you are an expert at nail painting or rarely wear nail polish. A classic French manicure is the cleanest and most straightforward choice for such a situation. If you… Continue Reading