Spring Nail Inspo

Spring nail inspo 3

Last night I was in the black hole that is Pinterest looking at nail inspo for my next appointment, and I found myself on almost the same sort of page every time. Someone had made a page on their blog with their favourite nail images for the season or case. And I thought to myself, “why don’t I create a post like this?? ” I love scrolling through pretty pictures, and I love blog posts with cute pictures in general (I hate scrolling through paragraphs to find the recipe. Why do they do that) (I hate scrolling through sections to… Continue Reading


Prettiest Summer Nail Colors of 2021

Prettiest summer nail colors of 2021 9

The summer is the one time that I almost always get my nails trimmed. When you’re in a super chic swimsuit at the beach with a straw hat and sporting a healthy tan, beautiful nails complete the look. The best thing about doing your nails is that it doesn’t take that long, and they’ll be done for quite a while (especially if you do your gel nails at home) (especially if you do your gel nails at home). Nail patterns don’t vary a lot from year to year, but there are critical minor variations. A few years ago, stark white… Continue Reading


Trendy Animal Print Nail Art Ideas

Trendy animal print nail art ideas 2

Trendy Animal Print Nail Art Ideas When we talk about animal nail art, it includes everything from leopard or cheetah print nail art to zebra nails or even the recently trending snakeskin nails. With animal nails, you have the advantage of being able to try out anything without feeling out of place. Scroll through to get inspired by our series of total chic animal print nail art ideas and, get ready to show off your jungle spirit. source : https://www.majormag.in/animal-print-nail-art-ideas/


Best Neutral Nail Art Designs With Bling and Glitter

Best neutral nail art designs with bling and glitter 9

Best Neutral Nail Art Designs With Bling and Glitter You can always depend on a neutral mani for everything from weddings to work. At the same time, neutral nail colours mixed with rhinestones and glitter sets the scene for unadulterated fun and is sure to add a dash of glitz to the good times. We rounded up neutral nail art designs with bling and glitter—from light to dark, shimmery to opaque, to keep your neutral nail game looking new. source : https://www.majormag.in/neutral-nails-with-bling-and-glitter/


Fall Nail Art Inspo Straight From the Runways

Fall nail art inspo straight from the runways 1

Fall Nail Art Inspo Straight From the Runways We’re still willing to refresh our look. For fall, we’re all about changing out of our sweats and dressing up a bit. We’ve been busy trying out the new and most lavish eyeshadow palettes when it comes to makeup. Now it’s time to turn things up when it comes to our nails. So we’re revisiting some of the top Fall nail art for inspo. If you favor something moodier or want to make your digits shine, the Fall runways have you (and your nails) covered. Negative space manis are often a choice.… Continue Reading


Minimalist Nail Art Designs That Aren’t Boring

Minimalist nail art designs that aren't boring 2

Minimalist Nail Art Designs That Aren’t Boring When we think of nail painting, phrases like “cue the drama,” “not for the faint of heart,” and “go big or go home” instantly leap top of mind. However, after a stretch of hard-hitting testing (i.e., scrolling, clicking, and screenshotting frantically through our manicure-heavy Instagram feeds), we discovered quite the opposite. The realization: Despite popular belief, there are plenty of nail art styles dexterously catered to even the most minimalist of mani lovers. Therefore, we decided to curate our gallery catering to any minimalist on the spectrum—from the most restrained to the most… Continue Reading


Lovely Designs for Almond Nails You Won’t Resist

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Lovely Designs for Almond Nails You Won’t Resist Almond nails are mostly preferred by women who have modern, exceptional taste. Such women love quality and dislike anything retro or out-of-date. In its nature, an almond nail shape resembles a stiletto nail shape, but it is smoother, and its lines are more rounded. The shape is traditional, still, with a futuristic appeal. It is found that nails in the almond shape make the hands look more feminine, longer. And due to the length of the shape, a woman can sport countless nail designs that can complement the shape and taste. If… Continue Reading


Nail Trends That Nail Art Experts Predict Will Be Huge In 2021

Nail trends that nail art experts predict will be huge in 2021 3

Nail Trends That Nail Art Experts Predict Will Be Huge In 2021 With every new year comes a new collection of makeup trends and hair trends, but none are quite as artistic as nail art trends. So, naturally, we asked the experts for their predictions of what we’ll be seeing on our #ManiMonday Instagram feeds for the rest of the year, particularly now we’re forced to recreate a pro-level manicure at home. If you’re a one shade monochrome mani kind of guy or favor a more complex negative space nail art style, these are the nail trends to hold in… Continue Reading


Abstract Nails Are The New Trend Taking Over Instagram

Abstract nails are the new trend taking over instagram 3

In a fitting but ironic twist, nail art is pulling its inspiration from, well, actual art. With patterns made up of blocky swoops, squiggly swipes, and erratic dots, the manicures gracing our Instagram feeds look more like abstract sculptures than nail art, and we’re into it. A long cry from the intricately detailed designs of nail art’s past, perfection isn’t the focus here—in reality, asymmetrical, haphazard, and hell, we’ll admit it, messy are the targets. Think less finesse, more flair. We’ve rounded up all the abstracts you might ever need, including Kylie Jenner and Lana Condor’s takes on the trend.… Continue Reading


Classy Nail Trends That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Classy nail trends that will never go out of style 2

Classy Nail Trends. When talking about classy nail trends, we use the word trend loosely as Parisienne women don’t observe fashion or beauty trends. They like to find the style that makes them stand out, and that includes their nail designs. A weekly manicure will not be seen as a luxury or treat but rather a necessary appointment Despite what most people believe, the French manicure isn’t the go-to for Parisienne or French women’s nails’ style. For them, a French manicure looks as if they’ve made an attempt or tried too hard, and that is the complete opposite of French… Continue Reading